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Online Donation Drive: Winning Teams

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$30,000 to 20 youth Shooting teams!

The MidwayUSA Foundation can undoubtedly say that the October Online Donation Drive was a success! We want to say thank you to all 166 teams that participated and the donors that supported their favorite shooting teams during the incentive. The drive brought in over $60,000 in online donations for youth shooting teams, which will be matched by the current Matching Program. This donation drive differed from past donation drives because we awarded the top five teams that brought in the most donation dollars, rather than the top four teams. Below is a list of the top five teams and the additional endowment dollars they earned from their performance in the event.

Top Five Winners

  • 1st  St James Academy Clay Target League – R13453 [KS] – Winning $5,000
  • 2nd The X Count – R4979 [IN] – Winning $4,000
  • 3rd Hudson High School/Hudson Raider Shooting Club– R58909 [WI] – Winning $3,000
  • 4th Tri-State Quick Shots – R5132 [AZ] – Winning $2,000
  • 5th IWLA (Arlington-Fairfax) Air Range– R4491 [VA] – Winning $1,000

Additionally, the MidwayUSA Foundation randomly drew 15 teams to win $1,000 for their endowment. We announced it on Facebook live, check it out Here. The following teams are winners of the drawing.

Fifteen $1,000 Winners

  • Clearwater Explosion – R6026 [WI]
  • Stewartville High School Trap Team – R11685 [MN]
  • Cow Creek Clay Target Club, LLC – R4767 [TX]
  • Greene County Fish and Game Trap Club – R66583 [OH]
  • Zion Christian Academy – R63027 [TN]
  • Boise Buck Shots – R66676 [ID]
  • Armada High School Trap – R16323 [MI]
  • Carson City Crystal Clay Target Team – R9635 [MI]
  • Morgan County Youth Trap Shooters – R4788 [OH]
  • Sickles AFJROTC Marksmanship Team – R5482 [FL]
  • Polk County Gun Club Junior Clay Busters – R12458 [NC]
  • Harper Creek High School – R49537 [MI]
  • St. John High School Marksmanship Club – R16865 [ND]
  • Wharton NJROTC Marksmanship Team – R14142 [FL]
  • Hiwassee College Shooting Sports Team – R65863 [TN]

Congratulations to all the winners! Remember, our next incentive is on December 3rd, 2019. What makes this day so special? Well, it’s Giving Tuesday, which is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration, which is why the MidwayUSA Foundation will be offering $150,000 in matching for that day! Learn more and download some team resources to help you prepare for Giving Tuesday HERE.

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