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Special Purpose Programs

To further enhance and expand youth shooting sports activities, the MidwayUSA Foundation has created unique programs to fill additional needs in the industry.

MidwayUSA Foundation’s Special Purpose Programs are an expansion of Larry & Brenda Potterfield’s enduring philanthropy in support of youth shooting sports. With your help, we can grow these programs and provide grant funding for each initiative. Click on any of the programs to learn more about them.

Coach Training Endowment

Qualified coaches are an integral piece to the expansion of youth shooting sports. The Coach Training Endowment helps organizations fund the training and certification of shooting coaches that will coach new or existing youth shooting teams.  This established endowment can receive donations.

Range Development Endowment 

As coaches are critical to youth shooting sports, so too is a place to shoot.  The Range Development Endowment is meant to help fill that need by encouraging existing ranges to allow for more youth-oriented shooting activities through improvements or expansions. This established endowment can receive donations.

Foundation Forever Endowment

We are able to allot 100% of each donation to the intended endowment because we fund our operating costs separately.  Donations to the Foundation Forever Endowment (FFE) go directly to funding future Foundation operating costs, from salaries to logistics.  The intent of the FFE is to fund the Foundation in perpetuity, just like the team endowments.  This established endowment can receive donations.

Donor Matching Funds

The Foundation already provides matching as a major incentive for team and organizational endowment fundraising and independent donations. Donors and sponsors can provide additional matching dollars to support a specific area, a shooting discipline, a state, or all teams across the nation. We will gladly tailor a matching plan to meet the goal(s) of the donor or sponsor. Get started by contacting us at (877) 375-4570.

The MidwayUSA Foundation Board of Directors and Larry & Brenda Potterfield invite everyone interested in helping them grow these special-purpose programs to donate to one or more of the funds. Your generous donation(s) will help provide coach training and/or range facilities to youth shooting athletes, forever.  Together, we can change the future of youth shooting sports!