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Fundraising Ideas

Our Program Managers have traveled to many shoots and regional meetings around the United States, and along the way, they have heard some pretty fantastic fundraising ideas. Those ideas can be found on this page in the four sections below: Shooting Specific Fundraisers, Fundraisers Involving Chance, Seasonal Fundraisers, and Other Unique Fundraising Ideas.

Shooting Specific Fundraisers

Host a Shoot

Work with your local gun club or range to host a shoot. Invite the community to participate by paying entry fees. This can be a great way to introduce your community to your team and mention your team endowment. See if local businesses will donate prizes. Additionally, if your local gun club hosts a shoot, ask them to donate a “penny a clay” from their shoot. The local gun club would be donating $1 for every 100 clay round.  

Host a Hometown Challenge Event

MidwayUSA Foundation’s Hometown Challenge allows the shooting community to win prizes and compete on a national level right from their local range. Entries benefit Team Endowments, and all ages are welcome to participate. Organize a time to invite your community to your local range, charge entry fees and maybe even provide other food and games. Learn more about Hometown Challenge at MidwayUSAFoundation.org/htc.

BBQ and Range Games

Host a bbq at your local gun club. During the bbq, have multiple events that donors can participate in to win prizes. The fundraising comes from selling food and tickets for the games. Learn how to play some popular range games on our website at MidwayUSAFoundation.org/rangegames.

Fundraisers Involving chance

50/50 Raffle

To do a 50/50 raffle, all your team needs is tickets. Set a price on the tickets and then sell as many as you can. The owner of the winning ticket receives half of the proceeds and your shooting team keeps the other half of the proceeds. 

Prize Raffle

Essentially the same thing as a 50/50 raffle, except your team keeps all the proceeds, and the owner of the winning ticket receives a prize. Get free firearms, coolers, or electronics from the Foundation at MidwayUSAFoundation.org/. Ask your local gun club to sell tickets for you; I bet they’d love to support you!

Silent Auction

There are two popular ways to conduct a silent auction. 1. Donors fill out note cards with their bid and contact info. Then they place the card in a bin with the rest of the bids. The highest bid wins the prize. 2. Have a bid sheet in front of each prize where people place their bid and phone number. People can see the other bid amount, but they won’t know who the bidder is.

Bingo Night

To host a bingo night, your team only needs a venue, bingo cards, bingo markers, and prizes. Your guests will buy cards from your team, hoping to win a prize.

seasonal fundraisers

Have a Float in Local Parades

Every community, large and small, usually has a few parades each year. Signing up your shooting team for a float will give your shooting team more exposure. Along with candy, give out cards with a URL to your team endowment page on the Foundation’s website. You can also create a free QR code at qrcode-monkey.com and place that on the print material that you are handing out as well. Have the QR code take your supporters straight to your donation form so that they can conveniently contribute to your team!

Host a Holiday Themed Event

Create excitement around a holiday or major event. Sell tickets to the event to raise money or include additional fundraisers at the event for donors to participate in. New Years’, Halloween, Super Bowl, and 4th of July are all some great choices!

Community Cleanup

Shoveling snow or raking leaves are a pain for many homeowners. Get your shooting team together and offer to do these tasks for your community, asking for a donation to your team endowment in return! There’s strength in numbers; a whole shooting team could clear a snowy driveway in minutes!

Other Unique Fundraising Ideas

Use Creative Prizes

Think of ways that you can show your supporters recognition for donations. This can be as a result of a fundraiser or just something your organization has ongoing. A great example of this is to sell shooting lanes if your team owns your own range. Donors can contribute a certain amount and you will name a shooting lane after them by putting up a sign with their name.

Game Night

Your shooting team’s game night can feature multiple games or just one. Have a set buy-in at each table. Winners get their money back, but the rest of the earnings go to your team. Popular games for this are Farkle, Yahtzee, and Poker.

Drive-Thru Auction and BBQ

If your shooting team’s current situation doesn’t allow traditional fundraising methods, try creating a drive-thru. Your team could sell raffle tickets, run silent auction stations or simply sell food in a safe, clean, and convenient way.

Coupon Book or Rewards Card

Work with local businesses to create coupons that you can bundle together for a coupon book. You can then sell the books and contribute your proceeds to your endowment. Your team could also go through a company to create a rewards card.

Trivia Night (Shooting Categories)

To host a trivia night, your team needs a venue, questions, and participants. Your guests can buy a ticket to the event, which could include a meal. Try including a raffle during the event!