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To define the conditions under which donations are accepted and how donor information is used and protected.


  • Marketable Securities – any unrestricted financial instrument that can be bought or sold on a public stock exchange or a public bond exchange.
  • Real Property – land, and anything growing on, affixed to, or built upon that land.
  • Nonstandard Gift – an item that is not reasonably expected to be used to further MidwayUSA Foundation’s
    exempt purpose and for which, a) there is no ready market where the contribution can be liquidated to cash,
    and b) the value of the item is highly speculative or difficult to attain.

Underlined words indicate a separate policy for that subject.


    1. MidwayUSA Foundation will accept an unrestricted donation of cash or Marketable Securities for the Foundation itself or for the benefit of a specific shooting team(s) or organization(s).
      1.1. Donations made for the benefit of a specific shooting team(s) or organization(s) will be credited to the team or organization’s endowment account. The MidwayUSA Foundation Board of Directors reserves the right to override the donor’s request or reallocate the funds later.
      1.2. The MidwayUSA Foundation Board of Directors and Executive Director retain the right to refuse a donation of any kind and from any donor that either party believes is not in the best interest of the Foundation.

    3. MidwayUSA Foundation will not accept the following donations for the Foundation itself, or for the benefit of a specific shooting team(s) or organization(s), without the approvals indicated:
      2.1. Requires Board of Directors approval
      2.1.1. A restricted donation,
      2.1.2. A donation of Real Property,
      2.1.3. A Nonstandard Gift,
      2.2. Requires Executive Director approval
      2.2.1. A donation other than cash, Marketable Securities, and those listed in 2.1

    5. Donations made to MidwayUSA Foundation become the property of MidwayUSA Foundation and are nonrefundable.
      3.1. The MidwayUSA Foundation owns and controls all donations, including those made for the benefit of a specific shooting team(s) or organization(s).
      3.2. Exception – Donations received due to a conspicuous error may be returned at the discretion of Foundation management. Please refer to Money Transfers to Outside Entities policy for additional information.

    7. Information collected by the MidwayUSA Foundation.
      4.1. We will collect payment information, billing address, and other information necessary to process a donation. We will use a donor’s personal information to comply with the law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the requirements of law or comply with legal process served on us. We will use the personal information to protect against potential fraud. We may verify with third parties the information collected in the course of processing a gift, event registration or other donation. If the donor uses a credit or debit card, we may use card authorization and fraud screening services to verify that the card information and address matches the information that the donor supplied to us and that the card being used has not been reported lost or stolen.
      4.2. A donor has the right to review information that we have collected about them. To review that information the donor must contact us in writing at 6001 W. Van Horn Tavern Rd., Suite C, Columbia, MO 65203.

    9. Information about a donation may be disclosed to outside entities.
      5.1. Specific information relative to a donation may be disclosed to Federal, State, and local taxing authorities.
      5.2. Unless a donor selects “Anonymous” when making a donation, general information relative to the donation(s) may be used for publicity for the MidwayUSA Foundation in various places and publications, including the MidwayUSA Foundation website. The donor’s name and contribution amount may also be shared, including the team or organization that will benefit from the donation.
      5.3. Except as described in the Privacy Policy and this Donation Policy, the MidwayUSA Foundation will not sell, distribute, disclose to any unrelated third party, or make public, contact information, such as mailing address, phone number, and email address, indicating it is for a donor or specific donation.