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meet the midwayusa foundation board members


Dick Leeper [President] – Director of Philanthropy, The Potterfield Group
Tom Schauwecker [Vice President] – Boone County Assessor (Retired)
Sara Potterfield [Secretary/Treasurer] VP of Public Relations, The Potterfield Group and President, Midway Farms


Chris Agnes – VP Endemic Sales, Outdoor Sportsman Group
Nancy Bacon – Vice President, Southwick Associates
Sheldon Benge – Managing Partner, Benge Financial Group
Nicole Capossela – Chief Development Officer, Team Rubicon
Jim Dunn – Sr. VP, Morgan Stanley (Retired)
Ana English – President/CEO, Center for Improving Value in Health Care (Retired)
Cyndi Flannigan – Executive Director, Youth Shooting Sports Alliance
Aaron Mazer – Executive Director and Banker, J.P. Morgan Private Bank
Larry Potterfield – Founder and Chairman of the Board, MidwayUSA
Jon Zinnel – Conservation & Youth Shooting Sports Program Manager, Federal Premium CCI, Hevi-Shot & Remington Ammunition

Committee Assignments

  • Audit: Ana English [Chair], Nancy Bacon, Aaron Mazer, Tom Schauwecker
  • Board Member Search Committee: All Board Members
  • Compensation Committee: Cyndi Flannigan [Chair], Chris Agnes, Aaron Mazer, Tom Schauwecker, Jon Zinnel
  • Fundraising Committee: Aaron Mazer [Chair], Nicole Capossela, Cyndi Flannigan, Jon Zinnel
  • Grants: Sara Potterfield [Chair], Chris Agnes, Nacy Bacon, Sheldon Benge, Nicole Capossela, Jon Zinnel
  • Investment: Jim Dunn [Chair], Sheldon Benge, Nicole Capossela, Ana English, Cyndi Flannigan, Tom Schauwecker

emeritus board members

Ben Berka, Brenda Potterfield, Ron Utterback, Jon McGrath, Russell Potterfield, Mike Callahan, Buddy DuVall, Jerry Danuser, and Mary Ann Gates