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MidwayUSA Foundation Webinars

The MidwayUSA Foundation frequently hosts webinars to share new opportunities and new information with their supporters. Past webinars have included topics such as how to grow your endowment, new resources like ticket printing and updates on our Matching Program. The webinars include information on their subject, and they always include an example or a demonstration. At the conclusion of the webinar, our staff answers questions from attendees. Stay until the end to listen to the questions that come from people just like you. They could be very beneficial. Select the image on the right to start watching webinars!

Webinar and Videos

MidwayUSA Foundation Videos

Larry & Brenda Potterfield established the MidwayUSA Foundation to help fund youth shooting teams. You can support a team in your community by donating through the MidwayUSA Foundation website. In the video below, Larry Potterfield talks about life skills athletes receive by being on a shooting team. He also explains how people can support these teams so that they can continue to compete and learn.

Online Donation Process

Check out this quick video that shows every step of the online donation process. Share this video with your team volunteers, supporters, or your online community. It is important for anyone that cares about your shooting team to see how fast and easy it is to complete an online donation.