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These competitive cash grants will fund the certification of youth shooting sports coach candidates.

 GRANT Cycle: February 1st – March 1st

Qualified coaches are an integral piece to the expansion of youth shooting sports. To continue providing more opportunities for our youth in shooting sports, we will offer competitive grants to fund the certification of more coaches. MidwayUSA Foundation Agency and Donor-Designated Endowment holders will be eligible for Coach Training grants. Teams or individuals interested in our Coach Training grant program should reach out to a state or national organization.

See the full list of organizations that are eligible for coach training grants  

The intent of the Coach Training Grant Program is to develop coaches that can assist youth shooters behind and on the firing line. Grant funds must be utilized to provide coaches with basic or advanced-level certifications. This can include skills training, shooting clinics, train-the-trainer, or other coach training. Prospective coach candidates must be affiliated with an endowment holding team or organization.


To apply for a grant through the MidwayUSA Foundation, you must be an endowment holder and have access to our grant system, Survey Monkey Apply.

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Eligible Organizations

Grant Application and Funding Policy

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MidwayUSA Foundation cash grants are not guaranteed. The Coach Training cash grant program is competitive, and grants will be awarded within Available Funds. An applicant’s participation in Foundation programs is highly encouraged and taken into consideration during the selection process. Applicants who proactively fund their endowment and take advantage of their annual cash grant opportunity demonstrate a commitment and understanding of the Foundation’s overall mission. Additionally, these competitive grant applications are judged solely on the information provided by the submitting organization. Those applications with incomplete, inaccurate, confusing, or conflicting information will not be considered. Those with poor impact or justification statements, poor cost breakdowns, or overall poor detail will diminish the probabilities of award. All applicants are advised to provide any applicable substantiating or clarifying information to ensure their applications are complete and competitive. Note that the high volume of application submissions prohibit Foundation staff from reaching out to applicants for clarification or questions so it is important all applicable information is provided within the application.

See the grant requirements below or review our Coach Training-Range Development Grant Application and Funding Policy to learn more.

  • One application cycle per calendar year
  • Minimum grant payout (per request): $1,000
  • Maximum grant payout (per request): $5,000
  • Funds must be utilized by March 1 of the following year
  • Must be basic or advanced-level certifications
  • Coach candidates receiving certification must be affiliated with an endowment holding team or organization
  • Coach candidates are eligible to obtain certifications across multiple disciplines (if applicable)
  • Coach candidates may only receive the benefit of one Participating Organization’s grant funds
  • Must provide source of certification, cost per coach candidate, and number of coach candidates to be trained
  • Acceptable expenses are cost of certification and applicable travel expenses (within reason)
  • Certification curriculum will be subject to approval
  • Proof of certification required
  • Grants will be awarded to applicants based upon greatest impact to the Foundation’s mission as determined by the Foundation’s Coach Training Grant Committee
  • Grant requests may be partially funded
  • Grant funding shall not be used to reimburse eligible expenses occurring prior to the current grant cycle deadline (March 1)
  • Unused cash grant funding, not committed for the specified purpose, or not committed within the time limit, if any, detailed in the corresponding grant application, shall be returned to MidwayUSA Foundation
I have been a Head Coach for 10 years. Being able to work with our State & National Coaching staff has helped me become a better Coach. I have a passion for shotgun sports and love watching our youth develop shooting and life skills as well as a passion for the sport!
Rob Faeth, Ft Madison Shooting Sports