Join us in making an impact by becoming a sponsor.

Help us change the future of youth shooting sports. Sponsoring our Foundation allows you to forge connections with the athletes and supporters, gaining immediate visibility and recognition while developing brand loyalty with the future of the industry. There are many options for your sponsorship dollars or products.

Event Sponsor

Event sponsors help us make a variety of in-person and virtual events successful throughout the year. Each event has unique options and sponsorship levels. Visit our events page.

Product Grant Sponsor

The MidwayUSA Foundation offers free fundraising products to youth shooting teams and organizations. The funds generated from the fundraising products support the teams by growing their Team Endowment and by providing the team cash for current expenses. Donating fundraising products to the MidwayUSA Foundation will put your products in the hands of future consumers.

Each product is featured on print material, our Fundraising Products Page, and has its own registration paperwork. The registration includes a flyer that features the product, the company’s logo, and images of the item. To see an example, Click Here. If you’re interested in benefiting youth shooting teams across the United States, with a product of your own, contact us!


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