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donor designated endowments

We assist in managing funds for organizations with a unique youth shooting sports mission.

Donor Designated accounts may apply to receive 5% of their endowment balance once per year, in either June or December. These organizations must have at least $2,000 in their endowment before they can apply for a grant. The maximum annual grant is 5% of the balance of the Donor Designated Endowment. The organization must complete the grant application through MidwayUSA Foundation’s online grant system and provide additional documentation, as requested, to receive a cash grant.

Grant funds are for direct support of the organization’s youth shooting sports program. MidwayUSA Foundation reserves the right to audit an organization’s use of Donor Designated grant funds.


To apply for a grant through the MidwayUSA Foundation, you must be an endowment holder and have access to our grant system, Survey Monkey Apply.


Cash Grant Application and Funding Policy

donor-designated endowment cash grant recipients