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The MidwayUSA Foundation was established to fund youth shooting teams and ensure those funds allow youth shooting sports teams to be around forever.  The functions of the Foundation are critical for supporting each of our organizations that hold an earmarked endowment with us.  For that reason, we too have an endowment to ensure our future…the MidwayUSA Foundation FOREVER Endowment.

Since our establishment, Larry and Brenda Potterfield have donated every dollar for our operations.  Their contributions cover our software, computers, staff salaries, paper, desks, office space, fundraising products, grant and donation processing and more.  There is no question of their commitment to youth shooting sports and that is why they have already helped us grow our Forever Endowment to $3.4 million as of February 2018.  Like any visionary organization, we need to have a plan for the time when Larry and Brenda no longer contribute our Foundation’s operating budget.  Our Board of Directors, Foundation staff and our Chief Investment Officer, Goldman Sachs, have put a plan in place to help us reach $30 million in our Forever Endowment over the next five years.  To reach this overall funding goal of $30 million, we’ll use a combination of three funding sources.

  • Annual Potterfield Family Donations [planned at $3.5 million]

  • Investments Growth

  • annual 1% Contribution from all Endowments [.25% quarterly]

Like your team, in our future, our Board would request a 5% cash grant each year to cover our Foundation operation expenses.  Five percent of $30 million is $1.5 million, which is our 2018 operating budget, not to include fundraising products.  By growing the MidwayUSA Foundation Forever Endowment, we are taking one more step in ensuring your youth shooting sports team is funded FOREVER.

The MidwayUSA Foundation held a webinar to explain the Foundation Forever Endowment. You will find the webinar very informative and you can watch the webinar by clicking this link:

Watch the Forever Endowment Webinar

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