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Target Sprint

Have competitors run a short distance (around the building potentially) before coming in to shoot a string of 5 shots. To mimic a real biathlon don’t let shooters finish until they’re fired a 3 or better on their 5 shots. Run twice and shoot three times, the first one done wins! Range Games

Super Final

Play loud music, make noise on the range, and cheer (or slightly heckle) competitors while they try to fire the highest score in a set string.

Ping Pong

Between 2 shooters: First shooter fires 1 shot, the next shooter must fire a score higher than the first shooter or the first shooter will get 1 point. If the 2nd shooter fires a higher score, the 1st shooter fires again trying to beat the 2nd shooter’s shot. Play to 5 or 10

String of tens (group training)

Shoot a string of tens, call out how many you have if you think it will win. When someone else shoots more tens in a string, they call out that number and is currently the winner. Once you shoot a 9, your string goes back to zero and the next highest person with a string is in the lead. You can stop shooting at any time during your string to hold onto your highest number. (Adjust this drill for skill level – have shooters try to shoot 6’s or higher in their string of 10. Or lower the string number, 5 shots instead of 10)

Center shot

If you’re using electronic target scoring, have your shooters see who can shoot a ten closest to the center (10.9’s win!)

More Rifle and Pistol Range Games

Shotgun Range Games

Green Bird

Green bird is a game where green or any color targets besides orange are placed in the thrower with the traditional orange targets. During a round of 5 shooters, at least 2 non-orange targets will be launched. The shooter who hits the first green target is awarded a prize. You can also award a prize for the High Gun (high score) or the next high score if the shooter who broke the non-orange is also the round’s high gun.

Annie Oakley (Wolfchase)

Shooters take position at yardage further than 20, normally 27 yards. 3 shooters mount their guns. The first shooter (closest to position 1) calls “pull” for the bird and shoots. If shooter #1 hits the bird, no one else can shoot. If shooter #1 misses the bird, while the bird is in flight shooter #2 fires. If shooter #2 hits the bird, shooter #1 is eliminated from the game. If shooter #2 misses, shooter #3 fires, and if they hit the bird, shooters #1 & #2 are eliminated. If all 3 miss, all shooters are safe and shooter #1 goes to the back of the line, then shooter #2 becomes shooter #1, and so on and so forth. If a shooter shoots out of turn, or shoots after the target is broken, they are eliminated.

Long Shot (Adjustable Yardage)

Shooters start at an agreed position and distance. Each shooter in rotation calls for a target and attempts to break the target. If the shooter breaks the target, their next attempt will be from a position 1 yard greater than where they last broke the target. If the shooter misses, they move forward (closer to the house) 1-yard position. The winner is the shooter at the end who is the farthest away from the house.