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We help partner organizations with similar missions earn financial stability too.

The MidwayUSA Foundation values and appreciates our partner organizations that provide youth shooting sports programs aligned with our mission. In order to make sure that our partners can continue their programs well into the future, we offer Agency Endowments to provide sustainable funding for their operations in support of youth shooting sports. It is the same concept as our Team Endowment Program, but Agency Endowments support the organizations that partner with us to support shooting teams. There are no Foundation fees associated with an Agency Endowment.

NEW IN 2019!

Our Agency Endowments now have a Matching Program to match donations made to their organizational endowments.  For the year, we have $150,000 in general matching funds, personally donated by Larry and Brenda Potterfield.  These matching funds will be available for both Agency and Donor Designated Endowments.  At the end of 2019, we will determine the ratio of the match based on total contributions to all Agency and Donor Designated endowments.  Any organization receiving a donation to their endowment, this year, will be eligible to receive a match.

For Example:  If we receive $200,000 in contributions, cumulatively for Agency and Donor Designated endowments, every dollar will receive a $.75 match.

coming soon!

Watch for details about our team engagement matching program that will provide additional funds for organizations helping us to fund more youth shooting teams.

Agency Endowments are approved individually and require a signed contract. A grant of up to 5% of the organization’s average monthly balance is provided once per year as long as the organization maintains a youth shooting sports oriented mission and remains a non-profit organization. Visit our Agency Endowment grants page to learn more.


Your generosity has contributed to the tremendous growth that college shooting sports is now enjoying.
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