The Lifelong Impact of the Scholastic Action Shooting Sports Program

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The Lifelong Impact of the Scholastic Action Shooting Sports Program

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Post by Abby Jackley

The Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) is a wonderful place for kids of all ages to learn new skills on the shooting range, as well as lifelong skills that they can take with them anywhere.  I see most youth athletes develop great friendships with those with similar interests while on a SASP team.  During their time in the program, athletes learn safe firearm handling skills on the range they can take into their adult lives. Off the range, many youth athletes become confident young adults learning confidence, teamwork, and great self-responsibility.  As a former team captain and current SASP coach, I find it amazing to see how youth athletes improve in many areas by being part of our shooting sports community.

An athlete that I have worked closely with and am proud to call a teammate is Emily Bush. Emily started shooting in 5th grade and is currently in her sophomore year at Westosha Central High School in Salem, Wisconsin.  Emily is one of Wilmot Panther Pistol team’s top varsity athletes.  I chatted with Emily and her parents about their views of youth development on and off the range.  Each mentioned how the program has genuinely developed Emily’s social skills.

“Emily is willing to talk to people whereas when she first started in fifth grade, she would not talk to teammates or ask for help from coaches. Now she is willing to ask for help from coaches, teachers, and anyone else!”  – Connie Bush, elaborating on Emily’s positive differences

SASP offers a comfortable place for student-athletes to grow and learn new skills as individuals and team players.  Emily shared her perspective about being part of a team.  “Everything outside the shooting sports I have done has been so individual.  I like that SASP allows me to be an individual athlete and work with my team.”  SASP also celebrates athletes’ academic achievements.  Emily is a three-time All-Scholastic Team Member because of her success in the classroom and her great match times on the range

Connie is proud of her daughter’s improvements. “Emily developed self-confidence on and off the range. It has helped her improve focus and develop accountability and perseverance for working through school and athletic challenges.”  The SASP program makes such a difference for athletes nationwide…Emily is just one example.

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To date, Wilmot Panther Trap and Pistol Team has received over $135,000 in cash grants to support youth shooting athletes like Emily.


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