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Outdoor Brands Supporting Youth Shooting Sports!

Outdoor industry leaders are playing a significant role in shaping the future of youth shooting sports. Three prominent companies, SK Guns, SSP Eyewear, and Blackbird Products, have generously donated products that youth shooting teams can use in their local fundraisers. Our goal is to assist communities in raising funds to support their local youth shooting programs, and offering free products from our sponsors is one of the ways we achieve this mission. Donated products we receive from partnering businesses are used in various ways, including our Product Grant ProgramFundraising Events, and Special Events. Learn more about some of our sponsors below!

SK Guns

With over 20 years building private custom firearms, SK Guns® has changed the world of collectible firearms by being the industry’s only series-driven, custom, limited-edition, producer of manufactured collectible firearms. The SK Guns® brand has redefined what custom limited-edition means by being “Uniquely Custom®”. SK Guns® has expanded their capabilities to manufacture “Uniquely Custom®” firearms with a level of unmatched quality and artistic concepts. The team of master engravers, expert finishers, historians and master gunsmiths dedicate themselves to every detail within the brand. The SK Arms VA® and SK Customs® and SK Bespoke Collection® brands fall under, SK Guns®. Expanding the brands and locations allowed more opportunity for these limited-edition, collectable firearms to reach collectors and dealers.

SSP Eyewear

SSP Eyewear™ has been manufacturing world-class eyewear for over a decade. Their business is dedicated to Don Bechtel, grandfather of SSP eyewear’s president and founder, Mike Bechtel, who lost an eye as a child. SSP Eyewear’s mission is to spread the word that safety eyewear is necessary, not just on the job site and in sporting activities, but also in day-to-day life. They16 are committed to creating safety sunglasses that provide exceptional protection, great styles, coordinated colors, and superior fit. It really is possible to have all of the comfort and eye appeal of a sunglass with the protection of a safety glass.

“SSP Eyewear is proud to manufacture the MUSAF (MidwayUSA Foundation) Kits. It’s much more than just a product; it’s a catalyst for empowerment. Every kit sold not only provides top-notch eyewear but also adds a substantial $donation to the team’s endowment account, effectively doubling the investment. This initiative not only raises essential funds but also encourages young athletes to actively participate in sustaining their teams’ future. As we gaze into the horizon of 2024, SSP Eyewear is thrilled to unveil new and innovative kits, continuing our unwavering support for youth shooting sports and MidwayUSA Foundation.” Mike Bechtel, President, SSP Eyewear

Blackbird Products – Remington Coolers and ABKT Knives

Blackbird Products Group, LLC represents a variety of segments of the outdoor industry, proudly offering a large assortment of high-quality products for Remington fans. Committed to delivering innovative products, Blackbird Products Group, LLC., understands that memories last a lifetime, and the products one carries with them should as well.


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