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May Gifts Have Been Matched!

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May donations were matched at $1.15 per dollar!

Youth shooting team endowments received $138,126.96 in donations last month! A special thank you to all the donors that supported their favorite shooting team in May. These contributions were matched at $1.15 per dollar. If your shooting team received a $50.00 donation, our Matching Program added an additional $57.50 to bring the total contribution to $107.50. 196 youth shooting teams received matching dollars in May. This year, we have $160,000 a month to match contributions to youth shooting teams. Grow your team’s endowment fast by taking advantage of this incredible program. Supporters can simply search for their local team on our website and donate directly to them through their team page. Gifts submitted on our website are safe and secure and 100% of the funds support the team! Head to to support your favorite shooting team.

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Request a Fundraising Product!

We offer unique product grants like firearms, coolers, and knives for youth shooting teams and organizations to use in fundraisers. Teams register for products on our website by selecting “Register Now” next to a product on our Fundraising Product Page. Once our staff approves the registration packet, the product(s) is shipped to the team so they can host the fundraiser of their choice. Many do raffles, some host a dinner, and others host charity shoots. Funds raised will grow their team endowment and can provide cash for immediate expenses. Plus, teams get these products at no cost and funds contributed to the team’s endowment are matched! See all our available fundraising products now by clicking on the link below!

Fundraising Products


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