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Outdoor Industry Brands Support Youth Shooting Sports!

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Thank You To Outdoor Brands For Supporting Youth Shooting Sports!

Outdoor industry leaders are playing a significant role in shaping the future of youth shooting sports. Four prominent companies, Knives of Alaska, MantisX, MEC Outdoors, and Hodgdon Powder have generously donated products that youth shooting teams can use in their local fundraisers. Our goal is to assist communities in raising funds to support their local youth shooting programs, and offering free products from our sponsors is one of the ways we achieve this mission. Donated products we receive from partnering businesses are used in various ways, including our Product Grant ProgramFundraising Events, and Special Events. Learn more about some of our sponsors below!

Knives of Alaska Knives of Alaska

The Knives of Alaska’s mission to “build the finest quality outdoorsman’s knives” eventually led to the development of the patented Friction Forging process that created the finest, sharpest, and longest-lasting cutting edge of any knife in the world. Their promise is that their lifetime-guaranteed knives are made to exacting quality standards that will ensure satisfaction and pride of ownership. They work for them in the harsh field conditions of bush Alaska—and they will work for you, time after time, year after year—wherever you hunt or fish.

“Bringing young people into the shooting sports alongside hunting, fishing, and camping pursuits in America’s great outdoors is the foundation for protecting our outdoor resources and Second Amendment rights.”Charles Allen, President of Knives of Alaska.


The MantisX goal is to help everyone, including law enforcement, military personnel, and law-abiding citizens, improve their shooting to better protect society. The company did exhaustive research with firearms experts in order to collect and perfect this comprehensive firearms training program.

MEC Outdoors

MEC Outdoors, headquartered in Mayville, WI is owned and operated by MEC (Mayville Engineering Company; NYSE: MEC) the largest metal fabricator in the nation. MEC Outdoors has been producing high-quality shooting sports products for over 65 years. It is the world’s leading producer of shotshell reloaders, having sold over 2 million worldwide. MEC Outdoors also designs and produces a full line of MEC Clay Target Machines built with the same quality, value, and reliability that shooting sports enthusiasts all over the world have come to know and expect. MEC Outdoors took their knowledge and expertise to the metallic reloading marketplace in 2016 with the MEC Marksman®, a single-stage metallic reloader and a full line of accessory products. The employees at MEC Outdoors take pride in making the products in the USA, right in America’s heartland. From the reloading bench to the field, MEC Outdoors stands as the brand you can trust, from generation to generation. More information can be found at www.mecoutdoors.com

Hodgdon Powder

The Hodgdon Powder Company began in 1952 as B.E. Hodgdon, Inc., and has become a major distributor of smokeless powder for the ammunition industry, as well as for individuals who load their own ammunition by hand. The company’s corporate office and manufacturing facilities are located in Kansas, United States. Hodgdon acquired IMR Powder Company in 2003. Winchester-branded reloading powders have been distributed in the United States by Hodgdon since March 2006.


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