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July Donations are Matched!

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Donations made to MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowments in the month of July are officially matched! These matching dollars are thanks to the generosity of Larry and Brenda Potterfield, who fund our Matching Program.  They have contributed $840,000 in matching dollars in 2019, thus far, totaling $120,000 each month. Because we received $148,707 in team endowment donations, the July match ratio was $0.80 on the dollar.  That benefited 175 shooting teams.  Our Matching Program grows each gift.  For example, a $50.00 donation in July received an additional $40.00 in matching funds, adding $90.00 to that team endowment. All youth shooting teams with an endowment can benefit from the matching program. Online donations, recurring donations, and fundraising product donations are some great examples of contributions that are matched by our current Matching Program.

Additionally, we are currently rewarding teams that are growing their recurring donations during our Online Recurring Donation Drive. Gaining recurring donors is vital for a team’s future. These supporters allow shooting teams to continuously expand their endowment, which leads to a larger annual cash grant. The Online Recurring Donation Drive ends on August 15th and we are awarding $25,000 to qualifying teams. The top prize for the event is $5,000! Learn more about our Online Donation Drive here or contact us at info@midwayusafoundation.orgStart your gift now!  Search for your team with the button below and fill out the recurring gift fields on the donation form. Remember to set the payment date for the 15th, so that your recurring donation counts towards the incentive.  Plus, all recurring donations are eligible to receive matching dollars!  

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