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Industry Brands Renew Sponsorship!

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Outdoor Brands Continue Supporting Youth Shooting Sports!

Outdoor industry leaders are playing a significant role in shaping the future of youth shooting sports. Three prominent companies, GSM Outdoors, SA Consumer Products, and Savage Arms, have generously donated products that youth shooting teams can use in their local fundraisers. Our goal is to assist communities in raising funds to support their local youth shooting programs, and offering free products from our sponsors is one of the ways we achieve this mission. Donated products we receive from partnering businesses are used in various ways, including our Product Grant ProgramFundraising Events, and Special Events. Learn more about some of our sponsors below!


GSM Outdoors is a leading multi-brand developer, manufacturer, marketer, and online retailer of a wide offering of branded consumables, accessories, and gear that extend beyond the traditional sportsman categories with a focus on industry-leading technological innovation. GSM Outdoors’ culture of innovation and history of first-to-market product launches, rigorous quality control, and customer-responsiveness has earned it a reputation as the partner of choice for both brick-and-mortar and online retailers in the enthusiast sportsman and rugged outdoor categories. The Company sells through a diverse mix of channels, including online retailers, sporting goods stores, mass merchants, outdoorsman retailers, farm and fleet stores, and dealers/distributors across the U.S. and Canada.

SA Consumer Products

SA Consumer Products continues to be the industry leader of innovative, feature-rich, in-home secure storage products in the USA and Canada. SA Consumer Products pride themselves on the design, manufacturing and fulfillment of innovative, feature-rich products focused on quality and unmatched value. They back these products up with the industry’s best warranty and U.S.-based customer service team. Their products can be found at many leading sporting goods, mass volume, independent and dot-com retailers.

“SA Consumer Products makes secure storage solutions for all the firearms in your collection. They focus on keeping family and friends safe while at home or on the road. Inspired by this legacy, SA Consumer Products – safes, cabinets, and vaults takes innovative, feature-rich specifications and molds them into robust, high-quality products with a classic aesthetic reflecting the lifestyle of the outdoor enthusiasts who made the brand what it is today.  As much as MidwayUSA Foundation is the leader in youth shooting sports, SA Consumer Products is the leader in gun storage. Together we can change the future of youth shooting sports by providing storage solutions that keep everyone safe while protecting their valuables.” John Linquist, MidwayUSA Foundation

Savage Arms

Savage Arms company’s founders didn’t mess around, and their spirit of American, get-it-done ingenuity has always been Savage Arms’ driving force. All of their category-changing innovations have come from just such a place of principle. Savage Arms constantly looks ahead, finding new ways to leverage technology to push performance ever higher.

But they’re not just a bunch of lab geeks, either. They are shooters. Hunters. Competitors. They know what makes or breaks a firearm’s performance out there in the real world. And throughout the years, they’ve spent time listening to the best competitive shooters, sharing campfires with hunters and guides, and comparing notes with gun writers. That collaboration, that hands-on experience, has fueled the development of features and processes unlike any ever seen in gun manufacturing.

The results could not be clearer: Modern firearms stripped of pretense and gimmickry, leaving only muscular, no-nonsense engines of performance, just like the people who use them. They’re purpose-built firearms that come out of the box bristling with special features you won’t find from other manufacturers.


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