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The Fundraising Resources page provides shooting teams with multiple tools to help them grow their endowment. The current tools available are a complete Fundraising Toolkit, Ticket Printing, and some Video Resources.

MidwayUSA Foundation Fundraising Toolkit

The Fundraising Toolkit is full of information that you can use to promote your shooting team. We know that funding your shooting team can be challenging at times, so we created this toolkit for you! The toolkit will help overcome some challenges, by increasing awareness in your community and by encouraging people to donate to your team’s endowment.

The packet contains documents and images that you can share with your community through social media, email or any other methods that work well for your specific team and supporters. It is essential to promote and increase your team’s endowment so that all teammates have the same opportunity to compete and learn. In conclusion, each dollar donated to your shooting team’s endowment supports your organization for the future and helps us reach the goal of ensuring teams will have forever funding.

Download Fundraising Toolkit

Contents of this Fundraising Toolkit

The Fundraising Toolkit includes the following sections:

Ticket Printing

The MidwayUSA Foundation has partnered with to help your shooting team raise funds for your endowment account. has created a webpage that is personalized for shooting teams with an endowment. This resource will give teams the option to add creativity and professionalism to their team fundraisers. However, remember to check your local regulations to see if a license is required to conduct a raffle.

On the TicketPrinting page, you can design your own tickets or choose from the many raffle tickets and event kits already created!  The templates created already feature MidwayUSA Foundation Fundraising Products.  It’s easy to get started, just select the button below to register, once approved by a MidwayUSA Foundation staff member you have full access to the site. To register all you need is an email and your Team ID.

Raffle tickets, posters, or postcards can all be customized for your shooting team and event.  The process is simple, with many customizable fields, and once complete you can review a proof of your item. Next, your order will be shipped right to you, often within a week.  The printable products from are not only quality products, but very affordable for shooting teams of any size.

Do NOT print tickets without confirmation from the MidwayUSA Foundation that your LOI and other required forms are complete, and the requested Fundraising Product is available!

Ticket Printing Directions  Print Tickets