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$1,000 Webinar Winner

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We have another great reason to attend our webinars!  Endowment holders that recently joined us for our latest webinar were surprised with the opportunity to win $1,000.  Before we tell you who won those endowment funds, here’s a quick rundown of what you missed on our webinar.  There are new fundraising products available.  The new products include Vortex binoculars, a Vortex Rangefinder, and a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  Receive these products at no cost and conduct a community fundraiser; however, you choose.  Remember, every product has a fundraising goal, and half of that amount is what we ask you to contribute to your endowment.  Contributions to your endowment are matched.  Keep the additional proceeds for expenses your team has right now.

In addition to these new products, there is a new tool to promote those products!  Your team can now print raffle tickets, flyers, and postcards for all of our items!  Ticketprinting.com is a new partner that makes printing tickets very easy and affordable.  We encourage you to check out the website for those tickets and also watch the webinar.  Our Program Managers talk in-depth about the new option to help all of our youth shooting organizations.  To learn which endowment holder won $1,000 just for attending our webinar, check out the drawing we did live from Facebook!


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