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Team Donations Matched in 2018

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We are pumped that we’re offering another Matching Program this year!  Again, the Matching Program will be funded by Larry and Brenda Potterfield.  Their passion and commitment to youth shooting sports continues to be a key to us achieving our mission. The program has evolved and we want to make sure you know the details.  Every month we’ll have $60,000 in matching dollars to offer.  Every donation will be matched but the ratio will vary based on the total contributions to Team Endowments received in that month.  It is NOT a ‘first come, first served’ program. We will match all team donations!  We will even match donations that were raised using our FREE fundraising products.  For example, in January we received $96,651.50 in total contributions to Team Endowments, so the matching was $.62 on the dollar.  We encourage you to take advantage of this program and visit our Matching Program page for more details.  Soon, we’ll also offer several more free fundraising products.  Keep your eyes on our website!


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