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SSP Eyewear Committed to Sponsor Program

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Since the start of MidwayUSA Foundation’s sponsor program, SSP Eyewear has proven its commitment to the future of the outdoor industry by renewing year after year. “SSP Eyewear is thrilled to offer unwavering support to youth shooting sports and MidwayUSA Foundation,” said Mike Bechtel, President of SSP Eyewear.  He continued, “A big part of the SSP’s sponsorship includes introducing new and innovative eyewear kits not just used as safety equipment but also to fundraise.” SSP Eyewear is part of the outstanding lineup of free fundraising products we offer our participating youth shooting programs. Many community fundraisers involve purchasing items for raffles and events, our products are provided at no cost, and proceeds generated and donated to an endowment will receive a donation match.

“SSP Eyewear is proud to manufacture MUSAF (MidwayUSA Foundation) Kits that are much more than a product; it’s a catalyst for empowerment. Every kit sold not only provides top-notch eyewear but also adds a substantial donation to the team’s endowment account, effectively doubling the investment. This initiative not only raises essential funds but also encourages young athletes to actively participate in sustaining their team’s future.” – Mike Bechtel

A youth shooting team or organization can apply to receive the MUSAF Methow Kit through our product grant program and conduct a community fundraiser in any way they choose. Without sponsor-donated products like SSP Eyewear’s Methow Kit, we could not achieve our mission to help communities raise funds for their local youth shooting teams.  Find this special eyewear kit and other products on our fundraising products page. This item encourages participating teams or organizations to raise at least $300 for their endowment.


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