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It’s Grant Season!

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GrantsIt’s an exciting time of year with our June grant cycle underway! Although a handful of youth shooting programs have already submitted their grant application, there are still over 1,750 programs eligible to apply. If your shooting program hasn’t applied yet, it’s easy. Team and organization leaders can simply head to our online grant platform, SurveyMonkey Apply, and login to get started. Once they’re in the grant platform, clicking on “Cash Grant Application (June Cycle)” will begin the application! The grant deadline is June 15, 2023; however, we do encourage early submissions. Don’t forget; our staff is here to assist you! So, if you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (877) 375-4570.

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Since the beginning of the Foundation, we have paid over $50.7 million in cash grants, and every bit helps relieve the weight of expenses shooting programs experience. Has your local youth shooting organization applied yet? Ask your coach or a team leader about it. Ensuring your local shooting program applies for their grant allows your organization to focus more on enjoying competitions/shooting events and less on fundraising. Apply for your cash grant today and get the funding your team needs and deserves!

“Thank you very much for creating the MidwayUSA Foundation and your support of youth shooting. My teammates and I really appreciate of it. The money from our MidwayUSA endowment has enabled our club to purchase important equipment and help pay for travel expenses to National Matches. It has made it possible for us to fulfill our goals in shooting sports” – Solon Spartan Trapshooting, R46898 [IA]


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