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Earnings Grow Endowments by $13.8 Million

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The mission of the MidwayUSA Foundation is to help communities and organizations raise funds to support their high school, college, and other youth shooting teams and activities.  We often talk about some ways we do that and, more commonly, those ways include our Matching Program and our free fundraising products we offer to allow teams to conduct their own fundraisers.  Another way we achieve our mission to fund youth shooting teams that we do not talk about as often is the earnings potential of all of our endowments.  We proved that potential in 2017.  Last year, we added $13.8 Million to our endowments through earnings, alone.  Let’s repeat that…The MidwayUSA Foundation added over $13.8 MILLION to our endowments in 2017. That was 35% of the total contributions added to endowments last year.  Out of the at $13.8 Million, $11.5 Million went to team endowments.

Yes, earnings are market driven and it was a very good year for those.  We don’t have a lot of control on what the market does but here are some things that we DO have control over that helps all of our endowment holders.

  • $140 MILLION DOLLARS pooled together for investment power
  • Goldman Sachs as our Chief Investment Officer
  • Board of Directors Investment Committee that reviews the work of Goldman Sachs and holds them to a very high standard
  • A 12% cushion from 2017 earnings that add to the sustainability of every team’s financial future

In summary, earnings are another tool that grow endowments and help us achieve our mission to fund youth shooting teams.  Every endowment holder with a balance is eligible to receive a portion of earnings and that can be substantial.  By taking initiative to grow your endowment, you’re ensuring that you’ll be a recipient of our earnings.  If you have questions about earnings and how those are allocated, we encourage you to ask.  We are happy to make sure you and those that are involved in growing  your endowment understand. Contact us.


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