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2023 Annual Rockstar Final Results

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2023 Annual Rockstar

Our Annual Rockstar Program is a year-long incentive offered to every youth shooting team with an endowment.  Each team that receives a match-eligible donation throughout the calendar year is entered to win additional endowment funds.  Annual Rockstar awards teams that work hard all year long to fundraise and grow their endowment…and work hard they did!  Teams generated over $3.2 million in match-eligible donations in 2023, and 1,688 youth shooting teams received a donation.  The top five fundraising teams of the year have been awarded endowment funds, and 15 teams (highlighted in green) were awarded $1,000, each, through a random draw.

The top 5  Rockstar teams received $50,000, cumulatively in endowment funds!

  • 1st  Mid Carolina Youth Shooting Team – R62919 [SC] – Raised $135,382.18 in 2023 – Winning $15,000
  • 2nd  Taunton Marksmanship Unit – R4391 [MA] – Winning $12,500
  • 3rd  Peoria Skeet and Trap Youth – R6131 [IL] – Winning $10,000
  • 4th  Warroad Warriors Trap Club – R50583 [MN] – Winning $7,500
  • 5th  HCGC Youth Shooting Team Inc. – R58897 [WI] – Winning $5,000

“Now more than ever, young people need youth programs like the Mid Carolina Youth Shooting Team and the other youth shooting programs across the country. And Mid Carolina, like many of those other programs, couldn’t succeed without the support of Larry and Brenda Potterfield and the MidwayUSA Foundation. The grant we receive each year helps our team offset expenses but the foundation also helps motivate others to support these vital programs. Last year, many donors stepped up to help, especially during the April Donation Drive and Giving Tuesday fundraising drives. It is truly heartwarming to see others believe in what we do and to donate. The MidwayUSA Foundation provides a great platform with a great message that makes it easy for donors to support programs like Mid Carolina’s.”
– Bernie Till, Head Coach Mid Carolina Youth Shooting Team

The total dollars raised by our top fundraising teams is truly impressive!  Not only did these teams take advantage of our 1:1 match, which will continue in 2024, but they also conducted a variety of fundraisers in their community.  Many teams use our free fundraising products to raise money and the dollars generated from our sponsor-donated products are also matched.  If your youth shooting team isn’t using this program, you’re missing an easy way to raise money.  Check out the products we offer.

In addition to our incentive, every team that raised over $5,000 in the calendar year will receive adhesive fundraising patches. Teams that raise a minimum of $5,000 earn bronze patches, and those that raise $15,000 will receive silver patches. Teams that raise $25,000, or more, earn gold patches. Click Here to see if your team qualified for 2023 fundraising patches.

What’s new in 2024…

The 2024 Annual Rockstar incentive is officially underway and will run through the end of the year. Remember, every youth shooting team with a MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment is eligible to participate. This year, we are awarding the top teams $100,000! The first-place team will receive $25,000!  The 15 Annual Rockstar random draw winners will also be awarded $2,000 each. To qualify for the random draw, teams must raise at least $1,000 for their team endowment in match-eligible donations. Subscribe to our Latest News Blog to receive rockstar updates throughout the year. If you want more information on the 2023 Annual Rockstar fundraising event, check out the guidelines below or email your questions to info@MidwayUSAFoundation.org.



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