Walker’s Supports MidwayUSA Foundation’s Product Grant Program!

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Walker’s Supports MidwayUSA Foundation’s Product Grant Program!

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Walker’s Products Now Available to Youth Shooting Programs!

Our product grant program now features an array of hearing protection thanks to Walker’s Ear Protection! Walker’s has developed innovative solutions to provide ear protection for shooting, hunting, and commercial applications for over 25 years. Their line of products is widely considered the industry standard for shooting ear protection and safety. With the introduction of advanced digital circuitry & nano tech water repellence, Walker’s continues to raise the bar and provide the best shooting hearing protection.

Youth shooting teams and organizations with a MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment can get products like 2.0 Bluetooth Hearing Pro, Razor Slim Passive Muffs, FireMax Muffs, and Ikon Eyewear at no cost, to assist with their local fundraising efforts. Proceeds raised with MidwayUSA Foundation product grants can be split between the team’s endowment, where they are matched for long-term funding, and kept locally to cover the immediate expenses of the team. Learn more about our product grant program at MidwayUSAFoundation.org/fundraisingproducts. With sponsors like Walker’s, we can change the future of youth shooting sports!

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