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shooting teams are eligible to apply for a cash grant each year.

Teams with a MidwayUSA Foundation endowment balance may apply to receive 5% of their endowment balance once per year, in either June or December. Grant funds can be used for team expenses, such as ammunition, travel, uniforms, range and entry fees, and more. Youth shooting teams must have at least $2,000 in their Team Endowment Account before they can apply for a grant. Having a $2,000 balance will result in a $100 grant.

 Grant Cycles

April 15 – June 15
October 15 – December 15

We accept team grant applications, via our grant application process, twice per year. The applications are reviewed and decided upon by the MidwayUSA Foundation Board of Directors. Team grant funds cannot be used for firearm purchases, individual scholarships or political lobbying. The MidwayUSA Foundation reserves the right to audit a shooting program’s use of grant funds. You can review our cash grant policies, below.       Team Grants

Online Grant System

To apply for your annual cash grant, you must be a MidwayUSA Foundation endowment holder and have access to our online grant system, SurveyMonkey Apply.

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Is this the first time the Team Endowment you represent will be applying for their 5% cash grant?  If so, please complete our request access form to get started. Unsure if your team has previously received a cash grant from MidwayUSA Foundation?

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Grant Recipients

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"Our goal is to promote shooting sports in our community and high school. Cash grant funding has allowed us to maximize shooting opportunities for our participants and provide excellent coaching and mentoring. The cash grant program has been extremely helpful in allowing us to recruit new shooters and assure that they have the opportunity to develop skills for a lifetime."
Coppell Competitive Shooting Team [Coppell, TX]