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Reeds Sponsors Multiple Programs

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Much like teams and organizations rely on their endowment to fund their program, we rely on industry sponsors to offset costs, allowing more dollars to benefit endowments. Reed’s Family Outdoor Outfitters (Reeds) steps up big and supports two critical programs for us: special events and product grants.

The Minnesota-based retailer has sponsored Day of Clays Minnesota for three years, which includes the upcoming Day of Clays on May 4, 2024, in Little Falls, Minnesota.  Reeds’ sponsorship allows us to offset costs that are associated with running an in-person event, and the continued support makes Day of Clays Minnesota the most successful Day of Clays event we currently host.

“Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters has a long history supporting youth shooting sports across the Midwest. They understand the importance of getting the next generation outdoors and connecting with nature. We cannot thank them enough for truly supporting our mission to change the future of youth shooting sports,” stated John Linquist, MidwayUSA Foundation’s Relationship Manager.

Reeds doesn’t stop there. In addition to event support, they provide products from their quality vendors to our product grant program. Youth shooting programs can request free products and use them in local fundraisers.  The proceeds donated to their endowment are matched! Current products donated by Reeds include a Milwaukee Tool Set, a Mossberg Maverick shotgun, and a Winchester Wildcat Rifle. Providing a robust line-up of fundraising options is the key to helping communities fund their local youth shooting program. Reeds offering support to multiple programs is vital to our mission and is a sponsorship that truly benefits more young shooting athletes.


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