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Partner organizations

Many organizations share our passion for helping grow the youth shooting sports industry, and we have developed strong relationships with those organizations across the nation.

Partner Organizations – National

National organizations that are working to enhance and grow youth shooting sports may offer programs that can assist a team in growing its MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment.  They may host state, regional and national competitions. Additionally, the organizations may provide shooter achievement recognition programs, athlete training opportunities, or coach training.  Please contact these organizations for additional details about how they may be able to help your shooting team.


Amateur trapshooting Association (ATA)

Association of college unions international (ACUI)

Civilian marksmanship program (CMP)

 National College Shooting Sports Alliance/American Shooting Sports Alliance

scholastic shooting sports foundation (SSSF | SCTP | SASP)

Student Air rifle program (SAR)

USA shooting

USA youth education in shooting sports  (USAYESS)

Youth shooting sports alliance (YSSA)

Partner Organizations – Conservation and Other

Partner Organizations – State

Many state organizations are working to grow youth shooting sports.  Some of those organizations have affiliations with the MidwayUSA Foundation.  Please contact your state organization for additional details about how they can help grow your MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment.

Find out if there is an organization affiliated with the MidwayUSA Foundation in your state. Choose the state below.