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November Donations are Matched

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November donations have been matched! We are very excited to announce that every dollar was matched at a $0.95 ratio. This substantial match benefited 238 youth shooting teams. This means that if your shooting team received a $50 donation, our Matching Program added an additional $47.50, to bring your total contribution to $97.50. Our Matching Program is one of the easiest and quickest ways to grow your team endowment. Throughout 2019 we’ve had $120,000 in matching dollars each month to help shooting teams grow their own earmarked endowment. Every contribution to a MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment helps increase the team’s annual cash grant and benefits both current and future athletes of the organization!

New Fundraising Products!

When it comes to growing your endowment, utilizing our fundraising products is a great way to get started. Conduct any type of fundraiser you want with the products and donate the minimum back to your Team Endowment where it will be matched. Plus, keep the remaining proceeds to pay for current team expenses. The type and quantity of available items do vary, but they are always provided to your shooting organization at NO COST!

The two newest fundraising products are both shotguns, the Winchester SX4 Hybrid, and the SKB RS400. The SX4 Hybrid has a fundraising goal of $2,500, with a minimum endowment donation of $1,250, while the RS400 has a fundraising goal of $2,600, with a minimum endowment donation of $1,300. Head to our Fundraising Products Page to see all the exceptional items available to help youth shooting teams grow their endowment and their organization. If you have any questions about fundraising products, you can contact us at

Winchester SX4 Hybrid


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