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New Fundraising Product: Glock 44

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Fundraise with the highly anticipated Glock 44!  We are constantly working to bring your team, and supporters, top quality products to use for fundraising. Right now, we are excited to offer the Glock 44, one of the industry’s latest firearms.  The Glock 44 is brand new to the market and a prize your supporters will want to win.  Recently featured in The Shooting Wire’s March 9th Issue, it was labeled as “the most-panned new gun introduction to the 2020 production year.”  The Shooting Wire went on to describe it as a Glock19-format pistol chambered in 22 LR. The fun features a pair of 10-shot magazines, adjustable ball-in-the-bucket GLOCK sights, and a trigger and operating system just like the Gen5 Glock pistol line.  This firearm is great for action shooting, and recreation shooting.  The pistol is lighter and has back-straps for hand-size adjustment.

To register and receive the Glock 44, at no cost, head to our Fundraising Products Page. Next, plan a community fundraiser.  Once you’ve completed your fundraiser, donate the fundraising minimum to your MidwayUSA Foundation endowment where the donation is matched.  Keep the rest of the proceeds to pay for expenses your team has today.  See additional and exceptional items available to help youth shooting teams and organizations grow their endowment. If you have any questions about fundraising products, you can contact us at

Glock 44


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