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Giving Tuesday Final Results 2023

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Matching and Total Impact – Our Million Dollar Day!

This year was the Foundation’s most successful Giving Tuesday to date, with 380 youth shooting teams participating in this fundraising event! Giving Tuesday is an annual global day of giving that follows the shopping holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The event is driven by social media, and with the ability to readily distribute material from our Giving Tuesday Toolkit, youth shooting programs may ask their community for assistance and significantly impact their endowment.

Our goal was to raise $300,000 for youth shooting sports, and we are proud to announce that we raised $513,980.67! To get to that number, we processed 708 transactions on November 28th. Thanks to our matching program from Larry and Brenda Potterfield all of the donations will provide over One Million Dollars to youth shooting teams! Every youth shooting team and organization that received a donation on Giving Tuesday will receive a 1:1 match. If your youth shooting program received a $100 donation, we added an additional $100 for a total endowment contribution of $200! A special thank you to all of our donors that made this million dollar day possible.

“The generosity of the youth shooting sports community never ceases to amaze me! This year’s Giving Tuesday donation total of nearly $514,000 not only far exceeds our goal and sets a new record, but it also represents the passion of our constituents and their commitment to youth development through the shooting sports,” G. Scott Reynolds – MidwayUSA Foundation, Executive Director.

Team Incentive

Every youth shooting team that took part in Giving Tuesday was eligible for the team incentive, awarding additional endowment funds at random and for performance. The top five teams that generated the most donation dollars received endowment funds based on their placement; see the winners below. The first place team won $8,000, second place $7,000, third place $6,000, fourth place $5,000, and $4,000 to fifth place. The top 5 teams, cumulatively, raised nearly $196,000. In addition to top preforming teams, 15 participating teams were drawn at random to win $1,000, each. Click Here to view all the shooting teams that qualified for this incentive.

1st Place, Mid Carolina Youth Shooting Team – R62919 [SC] $60,608.18 Raised
2nd Place, Taunton Marksmanship Unit – R4391 [MA] $42,300 Raised
3rd Place, Gaston Young Guns High School Shooting Team – R65997 [TX] $30,000 Raised
4th Place, Trinity University – R65997 [TX] $23,025 Raised
5th Place*, Morehead State University – R64555 [KY] $20,000 Raised
5th Place*, Pelican Rapids Trap Team – R15971 [MN] $20,000 Raised
*Notes a tie for 5th place, both teams will split the $4,000 award.

Random Draw Winners – $1,000 Each

  1. California High School – R50668 [MO]
  2. East Porter – R23654 [IN]
  3. Hillsdale College Olympic Rifle and Pistol team – R26180 [MI]
  4. Nebraska One Box Rock Crushers – R52087 [NE]
  5. Ledyard Clay Mechanics – R45579
  6. Mid-America Shotgun Shooting Academy – R66669 [MO]
  7. Mississippi State University – R64996 [MS]
  8. Deuel County 4-H Shooting Sports – R66609 [SD]
  9. USNRT Young Eagles – R23388 [OK]
  10. Helias Catholic High School Shotgun Sports Team – R10377 [MO]
  11. Bethlehem Academy Cardinals – R61522 [MN]
  12. Lincoln County 4-H Shooting Sports – R4634 [MO]
  13. Antigo Red Robin Shooting Sports – R58760 [WI]
  14. Virginia Polytechnic State University Clay Target Team – R66041 [VA]
  15. Pleasant Hill Clay Target Club – R17230 [OR] 

Final Standings Giving Tuesday Guidelines


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