Donations During National Shooting Sports Month Have been Matched!

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Donations During National Shooting Sports Month Have been Matched!

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Donations are Matched!

Donations received throughout National Shooting Sports Month or August have been matched! We are very excited to announce that every dollar gained a match at a $1.25 per dollar ratio. This substantial match benefited 186 youth shooting teams. So, if your shooting team received a $50 donation last month, our Matching Program added an additional $62.50, to bring the total contribution to $112.50. Our Matching Program is one of the easiest and quickest ways to grow your team endowment. Throughout 2020 we have $150,000 in matching dollars each month to help shooting teams grow their own earmarked endowment. Every contribution to a MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment helps increase the team’s annual cash grant and benefits both current and future athletes of the organization!

MidwayUSA Foundation Presents: 2020 Hometown Challenge

MidwayUSA Foundation invites you to participate in its 2020 Hometown Challenge, which starts on October 1st. This virtual shoot features seven different disciplines, allowing youth and adults to test their skills on a national stage while remaining in their local community. This shooting competition serves as a fundraiser for team and organizational endowments at the MidwayUSA Foundation. 100% of the entry fees benefit the endowment of the donor’s choice, and, donations receive a match! In addition to competing in the virtual shooting event, the donor will receive an entry into our multi-prize sweepstakes. Learn more with the link below!

Hometown Challenge


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