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meet the midwayusa foundation board members


Dick Leeper [President] – Director of Philanthropy, The Potterfield Group
Tom Schauwecker [Vice President] – Boone County Assessor (Retired)
Sara Potterfield [Secretary/Treasurer] VP of Public Relations, The Potterfield Group and President, Midway Farms


Chris Agnes – VP Endemic Sales, Outdoor Sportsman Group
Nancy Bacon – Vice President, Southwick Associates
Sheldon Benge – Managing Partner, Benge Financial Group
Nicole Capossela – Chief Development Officer, Team Rubicon
Jim Dunn – Sr. VP, Morgan Stanley (Retired)
Ana English McArdle – President/CEO, Center for Improving Value in Health Care (Retired)
Cyndi Flannigan – Executive Director, Youth Shooting Sports Alliance
Aaron Mazer – Founder and CEO, Pax Financial Advisors
Larry Potterfield – Founder and Chairman of the Board, MidwayUSA
Jon Zinnel – Conservation & Youth Shooting Sports Program Manager, Federal Premium CCI, Hevi-Shot & Remington Ammunition

Committee Assignments

  • Audit: Ana English [Chair], Nancy Bacon, Aaron Mazer, Tom Schauwecker
  • Board Member Search Committee: All Board Members
  • Compensation Committee: Cyndi Flannigan [Chair], Chris Agnes, Aaron Mazer, Tom Schauwecker, Jon Zinnel
  • Fundraising Committee: Aaron Mazer [Chair], Nicole Capossela, Cyndi Flannigan, Jon Zinnel
  • Grants: Sara Potterfield [Chair], Chris Agnes, Nacy Bacon, Sheldon Benge, Nicole Capossela, Jon Zinnel
  • Investment: Jim Dunn [Chair], Sheldon Benge, Nicole Capossela, Ana English McArdle, Cyndi Flannigan, Tom Schauwecker
  • Long-Term Goals: Ana English McArdle [Chair], Sara Potterfield, Nicole Capossela

emeritus board members

Ben Berka, Brenda Potterfield, Ron Utterback, Jon McGrath, Russell Potterfield, Mike Callahan, Buddy DuVall, Jerry Danuser, and Mary Ann Gates