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August Donations are Matched!

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2021 MatchingAugust team donations were matched, with $116,356.86 donated to youth shooting team endowments last month! These contributions have been matched at $1.37 per dollar. If a youth shooting team received a $50.00 donation last month, our Matching Program added an additional $68.50 to bring the total contribution to $118.50. This match benefits 230 shooting teams! Our Matching Program is one of the quickest and easiest ways for teams to grow their endowment. Proceeds from raffles, banquets, or any other fundraiser a team hosts, can qualify for matching. This year, we have $160,000 every month to match team donations. Learn more about our current Matching Program at Thank you to all the donors that made contributions to youth shooting teams in August. We appreciate your support!

Take advantage of additional matching with our September Online Donation Drive!

Youth shooting teams with a MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment can apply for a grant once per year. They can use the grant to cover expenses, like ammo and targets. The grant is 5% of each team’s endowment, so as their endowment grows, so too does their grant. As stated above, matching is one of the quickest and easiest ways for a team to grow its endowment. Right now is the perfect time to help grow your favorite youth shooting team’s endowment with our Online Donation Drive (ODD). For this incentive, we have $200,000 set aside to match team donations this month. Plus, just one donation to your team gives them a chance to win $1,000! Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to support a team by donating to the team of your choice with the link below! Hurry, only September donations will qualify for this fundraising event!

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