April Online Donation Drive Announcement

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April Online Donation Drive Announcement

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April Online Donation DriveOnline Donation Drive

Our April Online Donation Drive (ODD) is now open, and supporting your favorite youth shooting team this month could substantially grow their endowment. The winning team wins $8,000! Our ODD starts today, April 1st, and will end on April 30th. This month we have $200,000 to match donations and will be awarding additional funds to participating youth shooting teams. The five shooting teams bringing in the most online donation dollars will be awarded $8,000 (1st), $6,000 (2nd), $4,000 (3rd), $3,000 (4th), and $2,000 (5th). In addition to rewarding the top five teams, we’ll also conduct a random draw where 12 random teams will receive $1,000. That’s seventeen winning teams and $35,000 in additional endowment dollars! To enter, a team must receive a donation(s) through our website in April. Proceeds from MidwayUSA Foundation fundraising products will not count for this incentive; however, recurring gifts processed on April 1st and April 15th do count for this incentive.

Get your team in the mix by heading to our Find a Team. Fund a Team page and contributing to their endowment. If you want your team to win big, try spreading the word and share their team page URL through email, text, or social media! For more information on this incentive, see our Online Donation Drive guidelines with the link below.

ODD GUIDELINES Find a Team. Fund a Team

Show Off Your Senior Shooter, #SeniorShooterSenior Shooter

Last year, we took to social media to recognize high school and college senior shooters across the United States who were missing out on their last season due to Covid-19. Parents, coaches, athletes, and supporters made posts using #SeniorShooter to highlight their favorite senior(s). Around 120 posts were made, and about 170 seniors were recognized! We had no idea the trend would take off like it did; however, we believe the youth shooting community can do even better this year!

Thankfully, many seniors are competing this year, but still it’s important to recognize them for all their hard work. If you have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, make a post about your senior shooter, or if you’re a senior, tell the world what shooting sports means to you! Tag us and use the hashtag #SeniorShooter in the post, and we will share it! Get started by using the social media icons below.