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2023 Annual Rockstar

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The 2023 Annual Rockstar is quickly coming to an end! Every youth shooting team that has an endowment is eligible to participate in our Annual Rockstar Incentive. The Annual Rockstar incentive rewards $65,000 to the top fundraising teams of the year. This year, the team endowment with the most growth will win $15,000! Second place will receive $12,500, third place will receive $10,000, fourth place will receive $7,500, and fifth place will receive $5,000. Additionally, we are randomly drawing 15 participating teams to win $1,000 each. This year we have almost 500 teams qualifying for the random draw. See where your local shooting team stands by checking the latest tally HERE (as of 12/20/2023).

In addition to endowment prizes, fundraising patches will be awarded to the year’s highest-performing youth shooting teams. Athletes can add these adhesive patches to their range bag, shooting vest, or even a jacket! Teams can earn gold, silver, or bronze fundraising patches year after year. When a team earns $5,000 in one year, they receive a bronze fundraising patch. After a team’s endowment exceeds $15,000, silver patches will be distributed. Finally, gold patches are given to teams that raise $25,000 or more in a calendar year. Once a team reaches a patch level, they will automatically earn the patch for that year and can start working towards the next level. All youth shooting teams have the chance to earn these patches. Please support your favorite youth shooting team so that they can join the ranks as a top team and show off these awesome patches, on and off the range!

Team Standings Incentive Guidelines 


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