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Sponsor Spotlight: Bettinsoli USA

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Bettinsoli USA is stepping up to help the MidwayUSA Foundation change the future of youth shooting sports. Through various product donations, Bettinsoli USA supports the Foundation’s Product Grant Program. Our product grants are available to youth shooting teams interested in fundraising and are always provided to shooting organizations at no cost. Participating organizations conduct any fundraiser they want using the item, such as a raffle or sweepstakes. Proceeds generated benefit the team through their Foundation Endowment and by giving them money for immediate expenses. Plus, funds donated to the team’s endowment are matched through our current Matching Program. Industry leaders, like Bettinsoli USA, that support youth shooting sports allow more athletes to participate, which helps shooting sports grow. We are very excited about this partnership and can’t wait to see what the Foundation and Bettinsoli USA can accomplish together!

“Bettinsoli USA is excited to announce our partnership with the MidwayUSA Foundation to help continue to sustain and grow the shooting sports industry. We believe in and support the MidwayUSA Foundation’s mission of expanding and enhancing today’s youth’s leadership skills, confidence, and discipline through team shooting sports activities. We also believe Bettinsoli USA can provide high-quality shotguns that fit the needs of youth shooters. We look forward to working with the MidwayUSA Foundation to help them continue to grow youth shooting sports.”
Nick Stratman – Bettinsoli USA

About Bettinsoli USA: Hunting is one of the oldest cultural and social aspects of man. Hunting requires a high level of ability, knowledge, information, and perfection; only he who knows this profession will become a hunter who is aware of his responsibility. It is extremely important to permanently better the professional capacity and responsiveness of the tools, an assiduous verification of marksmanship, and a careful analysis of the equipment both in their functionality and in their adequacy to the various disciplines. Learn more about Bettinsoli USA at BettinsoliUSA.com.

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For California Residents:  Due to California Bill AB2571, which targets the advertising or marketing of firearms-related products to minors (under the age of 18) in the state of California, MidwayUSA Foundation is only able to provide limited fundraising and administrative support to endowed youth shooting teams and organizations in that state.  As you know, MidwayUSA Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable and educational organization that is not engaged in the sale of actual firearm-related products.  Our programs specifically educate youth on safe usage of firearms and firearm-related products.  Unfortunately, given this law, product grants, in-state events, sweepstakes participation, some news and some marketing updates (direct mail or email), etc. must be suspended until further notice.  Please reach out to your program manager with questions.  Thank you for your understanding.

If you are a minor in California, please do not continue on this website.  Otherwise, welcome to MidwayUSA Foundation!

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