Shooting Teams Receive Over $3.2 Million in Cash Grants

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Shooting Teams Receive Over $3.2 Million in Cash Grants

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Youth shooting teams across the nation are over $3.2 million richer, this week.  Our December cash grants have officially been paid and that means 882 youth shooting teams received cash.  Cash grants are used to cover the many expenses that come with a shooting team.  Teams can use this money to cover competition entry fees, ammunition, targets, travel and more.  This December grant cycle is our largest team cash grant cycle to date. It’s exciting to continue to surpass previous grant cycles but it is even more exciting for the teams that are receiving this cash.  These teams rely on this cash to practice, to compete, to allow kids to be a part of something that they might not otherwise be able to take part in.  This grant cycle will impact nearly 38,000 athletes across the country.

It is important for grant recipients to know that your endowment balance will decrease by the amount of your grant.  We pay 5% of your endowment balance.  If you received a paper check, please make sure you cash that check within 30 days of receipt.  The next grant cycle will open March 15 and the grant application for any team that did not apply in December will be posted on our Team Grants page.  If you have questions about our grant cycle please email


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