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The Peer to Peer fundraising tool is a great way to get members and volunteers of your team out there talking about your team and asking for donations.

Welcome to an opportunity for endless and easy endowment funding for your youth shooting team!  We have teamed up with Classy, the number 1 online and mobile fundraising platform, to bring another tool to our shooting teams.  Peer to Peer is a type of crowdfunding that allows all members of your shooting team to create their own fundraising pages and share that page with their network of friends and family.  Their efforts benefit your MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment through a unique and personal experience.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a ‘go fund me’ page?  Supporters of a cause create their own ‘mini’ fundraisers to raise money for one cause.  Shooting team members can create their own fundraising pages, right from their phone, share it to social media and start raising money for your shooting team endowment.  Check out a successful example of a Peer to Peer fundraising page.

“After the initial set up, this tool was so easy to use and share.  We have already raised over $8,000!”
– Bernie Till; Mid Carolina 4H Shooting Club

To begin, teams must complete the registration forms and provide us with the team’s details needed before they can begin using this platform. There is also a step by step guide to help your team with the set-up, promotion, and success of this campaign. We are here to get you started, but this is ultimately your campaign in your community, so do what works best for your shooting team!

Registration Forms         Fundraising Guide