Wild Sheep Foundation | Bozeman, MT

Endowed since 2015 | Endowment ID: DE9000

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About Wild Sheep Foundation: Our purpose is to put and keep wild sheep on the mountain. However, our Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience (YWCE) program excites and inspires the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, specifically for wildlife conservation and the shooting sports.

Endowment Contact(s)
Ryan Brock - Youth Education Coordinator
Brett Jefferson - Board and Budget/Finance Committee Chairman
Terry Ziehl - Finance Manager
Gray Thornton - President/CEO WSF

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Donor List

Platinum: $10,000 and above

Larry & Brenda Potterfield
Iowa Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
Wild Sheep Foundation
Larry & Brenda Potterfield Matching Program

Silver: $2,500 - $4,999

Alaska Wild Sheep Foundation
In Memory of Brandon Millette
Ryan Brock

Bronze: $1,001 - $2,499

Utah Wild Sheep Foundation
Steve and Shirley Brock

Up to $1,000

Beverly Valdez
Alan Day
Glen Pyne
Travis Bertrand
Levi Bowler
Kenneth Cole
Rich Rein
William Garroutte
Mark Enns
Mike Wilson
Thomas Kenyon
Marvin Clyncke
Sandra Fields
Gary Caldwell
Lou Ann Neal
Karl Schroeder
Nissa Wollum
Thomas Powers
Louis Rupp
JeanMarie Walsh
Joshua Newman
Ryan Olsen
Amanda Brock
Heidi Jared
Andrew Voudouris
Joe Scurry
Laura Valley
Tanner Henry
Ray Galan
Aaron Schiff
Sean Johnson
Anonymous Donor
Steven Rogers
Armando Corona
Alex Jares
Brycen Scurry
Jim Whatley
Mischelle Leach
David Kirkwood
Greg Sallee
Eileen Puterski
Shawn St. Jacques
Jonathan King
Nathan Ohta
Dan Deakin
Johnny King
Anonymous Donor
Michael Myers
William Saylor
Darius Martin