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Online Donation Drive Update

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Our April Online Donation Drive is in full swing!  To encourage some friendly competition that will benefit your shooting team, we will be updating you on the qualifying teams, each week.  Use this list to encourage your team members, volunteers, and donors to keep the giving going.  As a reminder, we’ll award the top four performing teams.  If your shooting team generates the most in online donations it will receive $5,000.  The second place team will receive $4,000, third place receives $3,000, and fourth place wins $2,000 in team endowment funds.  In addition to rewarding the top four teams, we’ll draw sixteen teams, at random, to each win $1,000.  And because our entire mission is to help communities fund their shooting team, we are also giving a pair of Bushnell binoculars.  Every team that receives, at least, $400 in donations (while supplies last).  Use the binoculars to congratulate a top fundraiser, thank a generous donor, or conduct another fundraiser for your team.

This a great incentive to show your supporters how easy it is to give to your shooting team, right through our website.  Simply search for your team, click on your team name, and hit the big, red donate button from your phone, tablet, or computer.  Remind your donors that every donation will be matched through current Matching Program too.  Good luck to your shooting team during the month of April!



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