Online Auction: CZ-USA 612 Field 12 Gauge

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Online Auction: CZ-USA 612 Field 12 Gauge

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Support your favorite team through online auctions!

Our friends at Eventgroove are helping us host online auctions to support youth shooting sports. Every winning bid is a donation to the youth shooting program of the winner’s choice, and winning contributions will be matched through our current Matching Program. We will have various items up for grabs throughout the year, such as firearms, gear, and more! Auctions will start on the first Monday of each month and will run for a week. See our online auction page here

Bid on a CZ-USA 612 Field 12 Gauge, Today!

The starting bid for the CZ-USA 612 Field is $200. This auction uses an English style of bidding and will end on July 9 at 7 P.M. Eastern. Each bidder must offer a higher price than the last bid to participate. The featured firearm is simple, strong, and smooth, the 612 Field is designed to shoot everything from targets to turkeys. Wearing a walnut stock and satin chrome finish, this rugged pump will hunt for generations to come. Capable of shooting 2 ¾ and 3 inch shells and supplied with three chokes, it’s a workhorse shotgun!

CZ-USA LogoThis very exciting auction couldn’t be possible without supporters like the CZ-USA Field Sports. See the complete specs and more auction details at




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