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New Online Grant Platform

It’s an exciting time for our shooting teams!  For the first time, your team can apply for your annual cash grant online!  This new and improved way to complete your yearly cash grant is easier, faster, and more convenient. Our new system allows us to stray away from our past PDF application process, which was tedious on both our applicants and the Foundation staff. Making the process more streamline and eliminating mailed applications is saving all of us time. As always, your team needs to complete the grant application by the June 15 or December 15 deadline. Additionally, your team’s endowment balance is locked in on the deadline date, and that balance will be used to calculate your appropriate 5% cash grant payout.

Get Started  Register Now

The website is open and ready for all shooting teams that are eligible for our June grant cycle! However, you must register a primary grant contact for your shooting team before applying. All June applicants must register a primary grant contact in the online system by June 1st or they won’t be able to submit their application by the June 15th deadline. The primary grant contact is tasked with completing and submitting the grant application. Once registered in our new SurveyMonkey Apply system, your team contact will receive an email to continue with our new online grant platform. Get started with the Online Grant System Request Access Form. Please be patient while we review your request to register. Your invitation email is not automatic, and it is common to experience an extended period of time before you receive your invitation email. Upon receipt of your invitation email, you will be able to proceed with your grant application!

Online Grant Process – Tutorial Videos

While we firmly believe this new online grant system is very user friendly for all of our shooting teams, we still understand it is new and there can be a learning curve.  For this reason, we’ve created some tutorial videos that walk you through the application process. Click the button below to start watching the videos. If you have any other questions about the application or the online grant platform, feel free to reach out to our Grant Department,

Online Grant Process


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