May Matching Dollars are In!

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May Matching Dollars are In!

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We have wrapped up a great month of May and have officially matched all of the donations that came in to benefit team endowments!  Those donations totaled over $200,000 and nearly 400 shooting teams were recipients of these generous contributions.  The matching ratio for May was $.2889 cents on the dollar, which means additional money for your team because of the generosity of Larry and Brenda Potterfield and their commitment to fund our Matching Program.  A big part of our May success was generated through our Online Donation Drive that just awarded three teams with $5,000 each.  We encouraged online donations and it proved to be a great program, one we hope to do again in the near future.  It’s important that all of our teams and their supporters know how easy it is to contribute to their team right through our website.  It’s such a great way to generate funds and show that every donation goes to the team the donor chooses, not one big pot.


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