May 2019 Donations are Matched!

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May 2019 Donations are Matched!

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All shooting teams that received a donation(s) in May have now received matching dollars through our 2019 Matching Program. Every dollar donated allows more of our youth to gain the opportunity to be part of a shooting team. We are very excited to announce that $98,820.52 in team donations were donated last month with a matching ratio of $1.21 per dollar, which benefited 185 youth shooting teams. This means that if your shooting team received a $50 donation in May, our Matching Program added $60.50, which equals a $110.50 contribution to your team’s endowment. Participating in the Matching Program is one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your team endowment. Throughout 2019, Larry and Brenda Potterfield have generously given us $120,000 each month (DOUBLE 2018’s MATCH) to match team donations. Teams should utilize the program by letting their supporters know that their generous donations will be matched.

Donors can give directly to teams through our website. Once complete, our staff sends all donors a tax-deductible receipt. Increasing your endowment is important because it allows you to increase the payout of your annual cash grant. This upcoming grant deadline is June 15th; which means you have 7 days to submit a grant application. You can apply anytime before the deadline and your cash grant will be 5% of your endowment balance.


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