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Matching Donations – December 2018

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Team donations made in December have been matched!  This officially brings our 2018 Matching Program to a close.  In the month of December, we received $253,610.87 in team donations, which was our largest month of the year.  Every team that received a donation in December received a $.2366 match on each dollar.  For example, if your team received a $50 donation our matching program added $11.83 to bring your total endowment donation to $61.83. The number of youth shooting teams that received a match eligible donation in December was 278 and you can see a full list of those shooting teams.  For the year, shooting teams brought in over $1.7 million in donations that were matched!  2018 proved to be another year of growth for the MidwayUSA Foundation.
Here are some additional highlights of 2018: 

  • $4.6 million in cash grants paid to teams
  • 1,375 youth shooting teams receiving cash to cover expenses
  • $184,346 added to team endowments on Giving Tuesday
  • Our largest variety of FREE fundraising products

We are ready to make 2019 bigger and better!  Our new Matching Program, which is double our 2018 program, will help us do just that.  Your success is our success. Check out our current fundraising products and register for one to grow your endowment or search for your team page and encourage your supporters to donate.


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