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March Donations Match

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March Matching dollars have been allocated and 179 teams have benefited.  Through our Matching Program, shooting teams receiving a donation to their Team Endowment or those that contribute proceeds from a fundraiser are eligible to receive a match.  Each month, we have $60,000 in matching dollars so the ratio changes based on the contribution total to team endowments. In March, that total was $91,343.17, giving us a ratio of $.66.  For example, if your team received a $50 donation, it also received $33.00 in matching, to total $83.00 in your Team Endowment.  The ratio and match recipients will always be posted in our Latest News section.  If your team benefits from a match, we encourage you to share it with your supporters and community.  This will encourage more people to give to your shooting team.  And remember, they can do it right from our website.  They search for your team, click on your team name, and give through the ‘Donate Now’ button.


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