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It’s an exciting time of year! We are currently in our June team grant cycle! Although a handful of teams have submitted their grant application, there are still over 1,800 teams eligible to apply for their cash grant.  We always encourage teams to apply early. If your shooting team hasn’t applied yet, it’s easy. Team leaders simply need to complete the grant application and submit it by June 15th. When the application is complete just email it to Once the application is received, our staff will communicate with team leaders on the approval and payment process. Grant payouts are generated based on the endowment balance on the June 15th deadline.

Applying for a cash grant is very important. It can relieve the weight of various expenses that your shooting team may experience, which allows your team to focus on enjoying competitions and shooting events. Our staff is here to assist you, so if you have any questions or concerns please email us at  Go get the funding your team needs and deserves.  Apply for your cash grant and continue to be an impact on our young shooting athletes.

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