June Donations are Matched!

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June Donations are Matched!

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Another month has passed and that means more money in Team Endowments through our Matching Program, funded by Larry and Brenda Potterfield.  In June, 181 youth shooting teams received matching dollars.  They earned these matching dollars because they either received a general donation to their shooting team endowment or they donated funds generated through a fundraiser to their endowment.  Donations to teams for the month of June totaled $149,820.70 so every donation was matched at a rate of $.40 on the dollar.  For example, if your team received a $50 donation, they also received an additional $20 in matching funds.  Thanks to our Matching Program, that means a $70 donation into your Team Endowment.  For the year, we have given $360,000 to shooting teams through this Matching Program.  It will continue through the end of the year.  As a reminder, we currently have an Online Recurring Donation Drive going and those donations are


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